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UPDATE: As of Friday, 19th April 2019

Because of our industry leading guarantee we have a high take up of the WorkSmart service. This means we have limited availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you guarantee to keep the accounts up to date for FREE?

The reason we make this outrageous offer is over 98% of clients that work with us are so over the moon with the WorkSmart service, they stick with us for an average of over 9 years. So by giving you the MASSIVE GUARANTEE AND OFFER this is a WIN-WIN for you and for us.

How much will this cost?

The short answer to this question is a lot less than you may have imagined! But once we' ve sat down with you and got to know things like your size and type of business we'll be able to give you a fixed price on the spot. Once you're happy we'll be able to move on and start making life a lot easier and safer for you.

What's included?

WorkSmart includes everything from your bookkeeping, management accounts, all the way through to doing your VAT returns and tax returns. Plus your WorkSmart team will clear and process everything every single month so you've got a fully accurate and up to date set of accounts, available online, whenever you need them.

What if I already use an online accounts package?

That's fine - no problem! WorkSmart will allow you to work with your current system or transfer to WorkSmart's system. Either way your WorkSmart team will help you make a decision that's least hassle for you.

If I've already got an accountant is it easy to transfer over?

Because the majority of WorkSmart clients already have an accountant before they join,  WorkSmart comes with a simple transfer system that handles everything for you and leaves you on good terms with your old accountant.

Will this work for me?

WorkSmart will work for any UK trading entity. The service is aimed at business owners who want themselves or their team to spend less time doing the accounts and more time IMPROVING THE BOTTOM LINE.

Is there a minimum criteria?

Yes. The minimum criteria is as follows. [1] You need to be a registered UK trading entity with a minimum projected turnover of £75,000 [2] You need to have or be willing to open a dedicated business bank account, and [3] You need to be willing to commit to a monthly process of sending us your financial transactions.

What's the big difference between this and other accountancy services?

The simple reason WorkSmart is different is that most accounts services (including those that use online accounts systems) put the monthly work in your lap i.e. you still have to do all the updating and understand how accounting works. Plus, because most accountants just process what you give them, you don't get any feedback about your business finances until the end of the year - and for most that's too late! But with WorkSmart your team keep things up to date for you and deliver monthly advice sessions that keep you safe in terms of minimising tax and maximising cash flow.